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Premium Beef

Last updated Jun 29, 2015

I actually snapped this picture quite some time ago while walking through my local supermarket. The meat provider, Lancaster Brand, has done a poor job at marketing because the package misleads consumers. The USDA requires that all retail beef be labeled with its grade.

Plastered across this package in giant bold letters are the words PREMIUM BEEF, which suggest that the beef is of a high grade when in fact the actual grade is ‘U.S.D.A Select’ which is on the lower end of the quality scale for beef for human consumption. The required USDA label is barely noticeable in the lower right corner of the package.

The highest grade of beef is U.S.D.A Prime. Marketing that misleads consumers into thinking they are getting something they are not is short sighted. What this label really says is that Lancaster Brand doesn’t care enough to not mislead you, and neither does the Acme where it’s sold.

premium beef

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