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I’m a big fan books.  Both the kind you read and the kind you listen to ( audio books ).  My favorite are non-fiction books.  I tend to listen to them over and over again to ingrain the principals and techniques they contain.

I developed the habit of listening to audio books as a college student (we called them books on tape back then).  My friend Don and I became Bible heads by devouring hours upon hours of John McAuthor’s lending library.

When I began my career in sales I found myself catching lots of windshield time and turned to audio books to help develop my sales skills.  Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar were big hits with me.

Even now I still listen to loads and loads of material.  I maintain a subscription through Audible and whenever I’m tempted to cancel it I’m reminded that the books I’ve listened to have helped me to build my business, invest wisely, avoid bankruptcy, and stay motivated just to name a few things.

It’s possible to use audio books to rewire your brain by repetitive listening.  Here’s all you need to get started.

  • You’ll need a source for material.  I use Audible Audiobooks.  I believe they offer a free audio book 30 day trial membership.  But you can get books on CD and listen in your car or download to your mobile device.  
  • You’ll need some time to listen.  If you find yourself behind the wheel of your car a lot you’ve got time built in.  I listen when I drive, and when I walk for exercise.
    • Tip: If a book is 4 hours for example then you can plan to walk or run those hours over the course of a few days as you work your way through the book.
  • You’ll need something to listen to.  Here are a few to get you started.

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