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My name is Rodney, and I am cre*a*tive

I Do Work That Matters For People Who Care

Who is

Rodney Goldston?

A marketing consultant, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, blogger, fortune 100 trained salesman, respected business coach, fine art photographer, and military veteran with a degree in Marketing from Temple Univ. Fox School of Business.

rodney goldston

Marketing Work

Marketing is everything!

rodney goldston

Marketing is more than your website. It’s how you answer the phone, the prices you set, how you engage with employees, how customers engage with the company, and so much more. My job as a marketer is make your organization work for your customers.

Youth Work

Leadership, Personal Branding, and Entrepreneurship For Students

motivational youth speaker rodney goldston

Pick Yourself® is Rodney’s signature program available as a keynote, workshop, and curriculum.

In Pick Yourself® students learn 7 core mindsets, skills, and strategies used by world renowned entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, and Daymond John, that they can use to build their own personal brands, and to become entrepreneurs.