How I Saved Hundreds on Razors Using Blade Buddy

blade buddy reviewI just read a post by Seth Godin over on HugDug called The Executives Shaving Secret that gave me the idea to pen this.

My little shaving secret has saved me hundreds of dollars in disposable razor cost.  Anyone who shaves regularly knows that razor cost is enough to make you weep.  Lucky for me, a few years a go I stumbled onto Blade Buddy.

Remember when you were a kid and the barber would sharpen his razor on a long leather strap.  Well that’s the idea behind Blade Buddy – it works for both male and female razors.

How Blade Buddy Works

Blade Buddy maintains the sharpness of your razor blades for months, saving you money, reducing waste, and eliminating nicks, cuts, razor burn and ingrown hair. I don’t endorse very many products but this really works (for me).  Instead of throwing blades away after a few shaves I maintain them for weeks.  I think I’ve had Blade Buddy now for about 3 years and have not needed to order another – so it last a long time.

Blade Buddy Official Video

FYI – the links above are for my Amazon affiliate account so if you purchase Blade Buddy I’ll profit a few pennies 🙂  Thanks in advance!

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