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Should I have a blog on my website

July 15, 2014


I’m often asked by business professionals, sales managers, entrepreneurs, hobbyist, you name it – if they should have a blog. In most cases my answer to the question should I have a blog on my website is always yes.

There are likely hundreds of reasons to have a blog on your website but here I’ll quickly go over 3 of the top reasons I suggest you get started with blogging.

3 Reasons You Should Have A Blog on Your Website

Ownership of Your Content

Most folks don’t realize that the content you load to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc is not yours once you put it there.  It’s now belongs to that social media platform.  In fact Facebook charges businesses to show the content that’s uploaded to their site.  Lot’s of people have written about this.  There’s a link here on my site, and another here from Wistia.

Build Your Tribe

Another extremely important reason to consider blogging is it’s ability to help you build a following.  Seth Godin calls this a Tribe and I highly suggest you read his book by the same name if you have not.

It’s really easy to think that you post are not getting read but if you stick with it I think the most mundane people can build some type of following.  There’s been several times that I’ve considered throwing in the towel on this blog and someone I did even know was reading the blog will see me, come up and tell how much they enjoyed my post and encourage me to keep writing.  So once you start stick with it, and remember it could take a while, but it’s worth doing.

Thought Leadership

The third reason you should stick with blogging is that it really gives you an opportunity to show yourself as a thought leader in your industry.  I actually find that blogging gets my creative juices flowing.  When I’m writing regularly it seems as if my mind is more keenly aware of things I can write about.

I do recommend that you write about something you are passionate about, or have some expertise in.  I’m going to take a moment to give a shout out, and send some encouragement to Pam Howard and her husband to get started building their tribe.  I met Pam this weekend at a mutual friends.  She was telling me that for the past 20 years she and her husband have maintained a side business doing wedding photography.  There’s literally millions of people globally that would love to learn more about how they have done this.

So Pam (and you to) – get started on that blog and write an ebook.  You’ve got nothing to loose and the whole world to gain.

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