Social Media Marketing Strategy vs Social Media Sites

A common mistake many businesses make is that they confuse social media marketing sites with social media marketing strategy.

Examples Of Social Media Marketing Sites

YouTube, Viemo, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are social media sites.  Think of social media sites as platforms to launch your social media marketing strategy.  Your CMS or blog is also a social media platform – one that you control.

social media marketing strategy

Click To Tweet This QuoteKeep in mind that YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are social media brands and platforms, NOT strategies.  #Socialmedia

Social Media Marketing Strategy Example

Blendtec offers a great example of how to effectively deploy a social media marketing strategy using YouTube as a social media platform.

What They Did

The company used YouTube to create a viral marketing campaign consisting of a series of infomercials demonstrating the Blendtec line of blenders, especially the Total Blender.  In the videos the they blend everything from iPads to golf clubs. They effectively used a simple easy to remember three word tagline – Will It Blend? –  to promote the videos.

Social Media Marketing Tips

  1. There are lots of social media marketing sites.  You can’t do them all, don’t try.
  2. Narrow the focus of your social media interactions by asking and answering a question, like – Will It Blend?
  3. Inject some humor into your product of service.  Blenders are boring, but the Blendtec videos are funny and interesting.

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