Stop Worrying What Others Think – A Lesson From The Life Of Bernie Mac

What do you do when your big break finally comes, and the person who went on stage just before you got booed off stage, and the host can’t get the audience back under control.  If you’re Bernie Mac, then you walk on stage, take a stance, and proudly proclaim “I ain’t scared of you Mutha F’s!”  Bernie actually used some other choice words as well.Stop worrying what others think

It sounds edgy and raw but a little Bernie-tude is actually good self talk if you’re trying to stop worrying what others think of you.

You’ll always find what you’re looking for if you’re always looking for the guy who doesn’t get your joke, the person who doesn’t like what you’re wearing, or whose got an issue with your sexual orientation, your skin color, hair color, or one of a million other possibilities.

You can avoid criticism by choosing to say nothing, do nothing, or being nothing.  In other words you can choose to be invisible.

Invisible sounds safe but it’s actually a risky strategy.  You may find the courage to speak up to someone, in a meeting, post your thoughts online, make a video, or start a movement once you’re willing to say simply say “I ain’t scared of you Mother Fuckers!” (Not my words…Bernies…but I agree in spirit)

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