The Success Mindset

Here are 25 success factors I hope encourage you.  The world won’t always push up roses for you, but if you’ll determine to commit to these mindsets I’ll look forward to seeing you at the top.

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  1. I’m believing in myself, and trusting my own ideas.

  2. I’m willing to be creative.

  3. I’m willing to learn.

  4. I’m willing to show up everyday.

  5. I’m willing to step up, because sometimes just showing up isn’t enough.

  6. I’m willing to be generous.

  7. I’m willing to do what it takes.

  8. I’m willing to walk my talk.

  9. I’m willing to start.

  10. I’m willing to fail.

  11. I’m willing to start over.

  12. I’m willing to contribute to the conversation.

  13. I’m willing to be vulnerable.

  14. I’m willing to steal.

  15. I’m willing to lie (to myself).

  16. I’m willing to work while everyone else is sleeping.

  17. I’m willing to get pissed.

  18. I’m willing to forgo credit for responsibility.

  19. I’m willing to commit.

  20. I’m willing to be me.

  21. I’m willing to serve others.

  22. I’m willing to do what I love.

  23. I’m willing to empty my tank.

  24. I’m willing to persist through CRAP (criticism, rejection, assholes, and pressure).

  25. I’m willing to invest in my success.

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