Sunny Miller Photography What Happens When You Refuse To Quit

Sunny Miller PhotographyCongratulations to my friend, photographer,  Sunny Miller (and his wonderful wife Lily) who recently landed an agreement with Getty Images.  This is no small task.  In case you don’t know Getty Images is the premier provider of images and content for media outlets.  To have them offer your images requires the right combination of talent, persistence, and luck…with heavy emphasis on talent

I recently had the honor to work with Sunny and his team on a photo shoot. It was tremendous watching Sunny work in, and work on perfecting his art.

Sunny and I have been friends for many years and we’ve watched each other go through different variations of our crafts.  I’m so happy to see him hitting full stride in his photography business.

Sunny is a great example of how in the long run being persistent pays off.  Like all of us he’s had some failed attempts at various other opportunities that did not turn out the way he wanted them.  But because he never guit he’s now on his way to becoming a highly sought after professional photographer   

So here it is…if you’re thinking about giving up, or worse yet not starting something, then take a page from my friend Sunny Miller and get to work on producing your art (what ever it may happen to be).  Failure Must Be An Option!

You can learn more about Sunny’s photography on his website.  If you happen to contact him to take some pictures you can get to know him a little better by asking him to play you a song (he’s an extremely talented musician), or to toss a football with you (he’s an extremely talented athlete as well).

Congratulations Sunny…I’ll see you at the top (ode to Zig).

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