Super Genius

The phrase genius is thrown around today like a baseball.  A genius is a person whom before them there was nothing like them, and after them everything bears their mark.  It has noting to do with winning nobel prizes, scholastic achievement, nor new and improved ways to catch a road runner.

Wile E Coyote Super Genius

Failure spawns the super genius

A super genius is someone who receives a breakthrough after many, many failures.  Try it this way, doesn’t work.  Try it that way, doesn’t work…until eventually the public recognizes we are all better off because this person lived.  Often the genius does not receive recognition in her lifetime.

You are a super genius

Scientist believe that we all can function on a genius level at something.  The key is finding character to apply consistent persistence when you encounter resistance.

Something to make you go…hmm!  Most of the resistance you encounter is from within not without.

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