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Thank U Teachers

August 23, 2022

Teachers Are Marketers, perhaps the most important marketers there are, but alas many don’t realize they are.

Most people think of marketing as advertising. So if you don’t run ads you think I’m not a marketer. But marketing is more than advertising, at its core marketing is about getting people to 2 think different. So the marketer is someone seeking 2 get people 2 think different. And, that’s the heavy lifting teachers do day-in, day-out.

Who’s Job Description Is It Anyway?

Here’s a simple job description: The successful candidate will build trust, create connection, and erect emotional bridges between solutions and client needs.

If you guessed it’s a description for a traditional marketing position at some company somewhere you’d be right. And, if you guessed its for an educator at some school somewhere you’d be right as well. Why? Because the way traditional marketers, and the way educators get people 2 think different are the same.

Something 2 make U go hmm!... What’s the most successful marketing slogan in history? Think different…Apple 1997

As the new school year is set 2 begin soon, thank U 2 all the teachers doing what some days probably seems impossible…getting young people 2 think different, and 2 change.

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