The Simple Power of One A Day

There’s are approximately 200 working days a year. What would happen if you committed to doing one simple thing each day to build your personal brand? Here are a few tips. You don’t have to do them all just one of these one time a day will make a big difference for your brand.

  • Use your smartphone and record a thank-you video to someone who connects with you on Linkedin.
  • Write a blog post about someone you helped.
  • Research and post a short article about things you think would improve your industry.
  • Read, or listen to a few chapters of a business or how-to book.
  • Do a quick video, or write a blog post teaching what you learned from the book you just read.
  • Record a how to video that teaches your audience how to do something.
  • Send a request to someone in your space and ask how you could team up.
  • Take a short walk and record your thoughts on how you can improve your offer.
  • Find out something new about one of your customers.

String enough of these together and within a year you will have boosted your personal brand.


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