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The Simple Truth

These days nearly everything is a commodity.  However, real trust can neither be be bought nor sold.

There are two things that you can do that will go a long way in helping clients to trust you.

  1. The first is to always explain what you do, or what you are proposing in the simplest way possible. This is particularly important on the internet.  If someone visiting your website, or social media page can’t figure out exactly what you do within three seconds you stand a good chance of losing them.  
    1. For example, I’m a Marketing Consultant and I help my clients succeed on the Internet, so that’s exactly what my agencies home page reads.  
  2. The second is to always tell the complete truth about your product or service. 

The old adage that people do business with those they like and trust is still true. Get caught in a lie and you may never recover. Also, keep in mind that today it’s easier than ever for disgruntled clients to spread the news about you via social media.

You might these things are no brainers but lots of marketers and sales people over complicate their offering, and hardly ever tell the truth.  Ever wonder how many lives would not have been lost to lung cancer if Phillip Morris simply told the truth.

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