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Tips For Marketing From Food Network Magazine

July 23, 2013

I just pulled this out of my Food Network Magazine and thought there might be a few bite worthy tips for marketing to be learned.

tips for marketing from Food Network Magazine

6 Tips For Marketing Your Stuff Better

Business Marketing Tip #1

How they did it: Only $1.80 per issue

How you should do it: Always break down your price quotes into the lowest possible denominator.  Instead of quoting $12,000 remind the customer it’s only $1,000 per month.

Business Marketing Tip #2

How they did it: “Or Text FNM1” offers multiple ways to respond to their offer, thereby increasing the chances of a favorable response.  At the bottom of the ad in red there’s an additional option to subscribe online.

How you should do it: Make it easy for those wanting to do business with you.  When advertising always offer multiple ways for someone to contact you.  In addition clicking a link to a landing page Google Adwords offers the option to show a phone number.  This makes it easy for mobile users viewing your offer to simply touch the phone number and dial.  Additionally make sure your landing pages have form to be completed  and a phone number.

Business Marketing Tip #3

How they did it: Payment Enclosed or Bill Me Later offers convenience and instant gratification.  If I don’t have the cash now they will kindly bill me later.

How you should do it: Consider offering creative solutions for clients to pay you.  Instead of discounting your product or service you can charge full price, or more (for financing the service for them) if you can allow the client to make quarterly or monthly payments.  I do this for several of my clients.

Business Marketing Tip #4

How they did it: The words “Only” and “Just” remind readers that – hey this is not so expensive…in fact it’s down right cheap when you think about it.

How you should do it: Use qualifying words like only and just in your proposals.  If you can compare your offer to something trivial like buying coffee.  “It’s less than the price of a daily cup of coffee”.

Business Marketing Tip #5

How they did it: Effective use of colors and fonts.  The text to info is in red and a different fount causing it to stand out from the text above it.

How you should do it: Colors and fonts keeps things interesting and can help certain things stand out.  Just don’t go over board.  The Food Network Magazine insert uses  7 colors, and three different fonts.  When designing for the web always put your most important SEO relevant words in H1 tags which you can find more from the best seo company.   For this article notice the term Tips For Marketing uses the H1 tag above.  Within your CSS you can assign a different font and color to the H1 and various other tags. You can use backlink services or other marketing services to boost your marketing. It is best to see Freshlinks package pricing, if you’re considering the services.

Business Marketing Tip #6

How they did it: Offered a discount but for something in return.  Readers can save an additional 8 bucks by subscribing for two years instead on one.

How you should do it: Build multi-year discount offers into your proposals.  Doing this forces you to think out the circumstances under which you can lower your price (because the client will ask you to).  It’s a win win for everybody.  You get multi-year contract your client gets to save a few bucks.

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