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Two Phrases To Help You Become More Successful

April 7, 2014

Here are two phrases that you should use more often, followed by a few thoughts on each.

1. How Can I Help

  • This is an embodiment of what Jesus says is the second greatest commandment – love your neighbor as you love yourself.
    • When you look for ways to help others you take the focus off of you.
  • You don’t have to ask aloud.  Sometimes viewing a situation and asking yourself is enough.
  • Just because you can help does not mean that you should.
  • Sometimes when you think you can’t you should try – who know’s what might happen.
  • Look for places and people to help where there is no possible benefit to you.

2. I Need Help

  • Everyone needs help.
    • May sound simple but some people really struggle with receiving any sort of help – (most of know at least one person that won’t ask for driving directions when lost)
  • In business if you can’t get help that means you are the help.
  • The self-made millionaire did not do it alone – she had help.
  • Look for help in the right places.
  • Careful attention has to be paid to avoid over use, and abuse – i.e Don’t ask to often, and Don’t take for granted those that help you.
  • Careful attention has to be paid to avoid under use – i.e Ask before it’s to late.

 Something to make you go hmm! – I know for a fact I’ve forgone more than a million dollars in business revenue because I did not ask for help.

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