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Never argue with STUPID PEOPLE!

They’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with their experience.

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When To Quit

A friend vented a little yesterday on her FB page about what feels like an “UNIMAGINABLE” feat of balancing her work as a teacher with her family life during the pandemic.
Reading through the comments many encouraged her to hang in there because the students need her. Here’s my 2 cent’s worth for Melissa and anyone else struggling.
Every new job, hoppy, or endeavor starts out exciting and fun. Then for any number of reasons (4 Melissa it’s the pandemic) it gets harder and suddenly it’s not so much fun anymore, and eventually hits a low point. And you find yourself asking is this worth continuing, is the reward worth the pain. Sounds like this is where my friend is.
Two things could be happening and it’s important to figure out which b4 deciding to stay or call it quits.
The first possibility is that It could be a temporary. If you keep pushing you can overcome the situation. Consider toughing it out but keep an eye on what it’s costing you.
The second thing that could be happening is that the cause, or circumstance is much bigger than you are and will never get better. Consider quitting now. Right now!
It’s a tough choice but one of the things that sets highly successful people apart is their ability to identify and escape dead ends quickly while remaining focused on their vision and mission.
We’re led 2 believe that winners don’t quit. But that’s a lie. Winners quit often and without quilt. LeBron James has quit three different teams in pursuit of championships. Corporations discontinue unprofitable endeavors all the time.
The trick to winning is finding the right problem to conquer at the right time.

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