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Who’s The Boss

July 26, 2014

Working in sales at Lucent Technologies way back in the 90’s I discovered something interesting.  I figured out that my boss worked for me.  I was hired to sell phone systems, my boss (Joe Jones) had experience, training, resources, internal connections, and assets that could help me do my job better.  Joe’s job was to find ways to allow me to take advantage of all he had to offer so that I could blow my sales quota out of the water.

His job wasn’t to tell me what to do, instead my job was to get him working for me by telling him what to do to help me deliver great work.

Something to make you go hmm! – Shock your boss.  Go to work next week and hand her a list of things you need her to do for you so you can keep your promise of delivering great work.

If you are the boss, then shock your employees by telling them “I work for you!  I need each of you to give me a list of 5 things you need me to do to make your numbers go up”.

Let me know what happens.

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