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Why customers focus on price

Last updated Dec 23, 2012

Either the product, service, company, or you are not remarkable…or

You’ve feature puked (overly focused on the technical aspects of what you sell) instead of putting together a well told story that fits your buyers world view.

Example # 1: Being remarkable

Product: Starbucks coffee

Common remarks: Makes my head hurt, gives me heart palpitations, is the best coffee ever, is the worst coffee ever, is too strong, is too expensive.

Point: It’s not the actual remarks that make the big difference is that fact that it’s being discussed.

Result: Sells at a premium

Example # 2: Telling stories

Why customers focus on price Harley DavidsonProduct: Harley Davidson

Consider this: The ad tells a story that fits a worldview that many people already have.  There are no words, no claims, no stats, no price listed, no attempt to convince the consumer of anything.  It does not tell the customer “this is our world view now see if you fit in”.  Instead it says if this is your world view we’ve got something in common.

Result: Sells at a premium

So here’s why customers focus on price

If you’re not remarkable or your story does not fit into the world view the customer already has then you’ve left them nothing to focus on but price…so they do.

Let me know in the comment section: How are you making your product, service, or yourself remarkable?  What stories are you telling your clients.



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