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I Wish I’d Made That

July 24, 2014

Doing something first can payoff big time.  Alexander Graham Bell produced the first telephone. Sam Walton had the first five and dime store.  Phil Knight made the first running shoe.  Paul Orfalea had the first copy store.  Muhammad Ali was the first to say “I Am The Greatest”.  Famous first leave the rest of the world saying “I wish I’d made that”, – done that, or said that.

People who do things first are empaths, they’re really, really good at anticipating what other people need and how the market might respond to something.  Start work on your empathy skills today, by giving these first a try.  Not likely to be famous, but they’ll go a long way.

  • Apologize – first.
  • Offer a refund – first, before your customer ask.
  • Offer your co-worker help – before she ask.

Start practicing imagining what the other people need, and it just might become a habit.

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