Yes and No

Early on in my career as an entrepreneur I made a critical mistake…I said yes to everything.  Can  you produce a newsletter for us…yes, can you handle our direct mail…yes.  Can you do this, can you do that…yes of course.  The yes’s wore me very thin and I lost focus on my core competency.  So today I say no to more than I say yes to.

Family and friends will ask for your time because it serves their needs…sometimes you just have to say no.  Prospects will want it cheap…say no if you want to be in a position to over deliver (and you should want this).  Customers will want things that you know won’t work for them…say no and maintain your integrity.  Recruiters will want your resume…say no if you want to remain true to your dream and maintain your freedom.

You only have 24 hours in each day.  Each yes is no to something else.  Saying no free’s you to say yes to the main thing.

Figuring out the main thing well that’s another blog post.   

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