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Your Power To Negotiate and Rust

June 16, 2015

When you negotiate with someone else you get a better deal.  But when you negotiate with yourself to do something later instead of now you usually get the short end of the stick because later makes you rusty.rusty chain

I’ll (you fill in the blank) tomorrow, just 5 more minutes, and I’ll get to it later are all ways of negotiating with yourself to put off doing something now, for later.

People seek later because now is pressing, it’s urgent, and uncomfortable.  Nothing rust completely overnight.  Rust sets in little by little.  You don’t wake up one morning suddenly 50 pounds overweight you negotiated exercising now for later to often.  You don’t show up to the market place suddenly at a competitive disadvantage, no you negotiated sharpening your saw now for later to many times.

When you’re feeling the tension that accompany’s the urgency of now consider leaning into it, or run the risk of rusting away.

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